Welcome to Trees by Water

We offer presentations, workshops and courses on vision, stories and symbols.  We believe that connecting with these three aspects of human experience can reveal creativity, strength and energy in us.  We can draw on all of these qualities to make a difference to how we live our lives as individuals and in groups.  Trees by Water uses a range of approaches and techniques, including a set of cards designed specifically to support the vision process.

As part of our vision, we have recently started a series of blogs on ecological issues. It may be no coincidence that the title of this website, Trees by Water, lends itself to this dimension. Amongst other things, these blogs will explore the relationship between vision, symbol, imagination and community and the climate crisis.

Nurturing Vision

We often have ideas about how we would like life to be different, whether it’s creating a meditation space at home or starting our own business.  Making the changes involved is not always straightforward.  Trees by Water aims to support this process through workshops and short courses.

Inspiration through Symbols and Stories

Images and stories are so much part of our daily experience that we can easily forget about them.  They can have a tremendous power, especially when they link us with a deeper part of ourselves.  In looking at both ancient and modern symbols and tales we can connect with a powerful resource.  Trees by Water works to tap into this deep well through workshops and short courses.

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