The Energy of Change

Tuesday 27th of May 2014
Bluebells and nettles

Over the past few weeks, it seems that almost every day there have been new shoots, leaves or flowers to see in our garden.  It happens every year, but it still takes me aback at times.

That has set me thinking about change and to what extent we expect it.  In the natural world, change is a given.  We know that on a physical level our bodies are changing all the time.  At other levels, human life may struggle with change.

A few days ago, I was with a group of people talking about vision.  Vision implies some sense of a need for change.  Different people in the group had different ways of looking at this.  Sometimes their view of ways forward offered alternatives which appeared contradictory, although there were common themes.  It felt a little as if there were underlying currents pulling in various directions.

I wonder if there are links to be made between spring and focusing on change.  Both may seem to have elements of the chaotic.  A garden can very quickly become overgrown in this particular season.  Taking a lid off possible changes in something that we’re involved in can feel almost like an explosion.  In both cases, we need to learn how to work with the energy being released in order for it to be most effective and useful.

At first this can seem like a tricky balancing act.  Sometimes when we focus on vision, we can seem to be swung one way and then another, just as in spring there can seem to be too much to do in the garden.  It may take experience to understand that we can take time to allow patterns to emerge, even when it seems as if everything is urgent!