Into the New Year

Monday 20th of January 2014

The weather had been really beautiful – bright sunlight stretching long winter shadows across the hills as we crossed the Pennines.  It was a good forecast, so we were taking advantage of a weather window as we drove a car loaded with presents to see family for Christmas.

Once on the motorway, the low sun made it difficult to see other cars.  The trees by the side of the road even created a strobe-like effect.  We’d been talking about the coming year – thoughts, hopes, dreams  and plans – when we suddenly drove into fog.  I couldn’t see very far ahead nor behind.  The lovely views we’d been enjoying were gone.

I realised with a start that this is what the next year really is for me at the moment – travelling with hope but quite foggy.  I can’t see where my road is going to lead.  There are no familiar landmarks.  I just need to trust and have faith that my path ahead will unfold and that, as it does, the way will become clearer.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.